You Christians
look after a document
containing enough dynamite

to blow all civilisation to pieces,
turn the world upside down,
and bring peace to a battle-torn planet.


On 31th October, 1517 in Wurttemberg Martin Luther has published famous 95 theses. He was german religious reformer, the doctor od theology, the originator od reformation and the co-founder od Lutheranism. Luter revealed in these theses how much the Catholic church divorce itself grom its appointment. He called up transformation policy drection of the church. Luther appealed to faithful of church to the Gospel. 96 theses od Animl Spirit Church is appeal in order to remind the Catholic church to its suffering Brothers and Sisters Animals. But not only. It is the constructive programme which appears the mission and the appointment of Catholic church. The position of animals should be restored, because such is the will od God.

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