You Christians
look after a document
containing enough dynamite

to blow all civilisation to pieces,
turn the world upside down,
and bring peace to a battle-torn planet.


We are convinced the Kingdom of God begins here and now. It begins in tour heart and in my one. And also in the world around us.

In the Gospel (the Good News of Jesus Christus) we find clues in which way we can implement it here on Earth. We know that one thing is clear - when we downplay the suffering od our Brothers and Sisters, we cannot create the Kingdom of God.

We desire to hand over the Good News about the Kingdom of God to animals, which give us and them the Peace and the Liberation.

Animal Spirit Church sees fellow beings in animals.

Animal Spirit Church is open to each other whom the suffering od people and animals is not different and who want to blow the whistle on it. It is the Church without barriers and divisions. You don't have to accept all our premises and believe as we believe. It is sufficient that you lean over suffering od animals.

Welcome to Animal Spirit Church!