You Christians
look after a document
containing enough dynamite

to blow all civilisation to pieces,
turn the world upside down,
and bring peace to a battle-torn planet.


Animal Spirit Prayer

God, fallen in love with life,
God of beauty, goodness and everlasting affections,
God of love and light,
God of a broken cane.

God of unbounded horizons and of endless sunrises' Sun,
God of the oppressed, the thirsty, the persecuted and the nameless,
God of tears shed in solitude,
God of the lonely and the victimized,

Both animal and human creatures,

God of Noah's Arc,
Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
in them as it is in us,
Thy kingdom come
in them as it is in us,
Thy will be done,
in them as it is in us.

Give us this day, our daily bread,
to them, as it is to us,
Don't abandon us overwhelmed by dark solitude and sadness,
them, as it is with us,
Dry the eyes of every sufferer,
them, as it is with us.

Give us peace that the world cannot give us,
to them, as it is to us.
Send us some people of good will, the bearers of the Gospel,
people bringing peace
to them, as it is to us.
Unite us in builing a better world
for them, as it is for us.

And when the day comes when our breath stops
theirs and ours,
Gather us under your blue sky, in the land of Sun unaware of sunset,
on endless meadows of your eternal pasture,
them, as it is with us.


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